Water Heater Flue Pipe Looks Like A Water Slide!

July 20, 2011

Water Heater Flue Pipe Looks Like A Water SlideI could tell that this particular Water Heater was installed by the homeowner or a friend that thinks he's a handyman.The pipe that they used for the flue is way too long and is too level in the middle section. There is no way that the fumes from the burner are going to travel successfully up and out the way it is suppose to. What's going to happen here is that the fumes that have carbon monoxide in them are going to back up and begin to flow out the bottom and into the garage. Remember, carbon monoxide is odorless. You would not even know if it was there. The flue pipe needs to be much shorter, and it does need to have a steady incline so that the fumes travel uphill without turning any corners and out of the top cap.