Maintaining Tub and Shower Tile

May 18, 2011

This is a picture of a ceramic tile tub/shower surround that was not maintained properly. Water has entered and damaged the greenboard behind the tile. This is causing the tile to fall off. That can also cause mold. Three items to mention:

Grout, caulking and sealant.

Maintain your shower surrounds by checking the grout lines between the tile pieces making sure there are no cracks or gaps.

You can purchase grout sealer (some you spray on and others you brush on and wipe off the excess). Clean first, then add or replace any grout, then seal.

Silicone caulking should be used on the bottom tub to tile contact or in all corners if you have the marble single pieces. Use a tube or caulking gun. Clean out first, and squeeze on a line of caulk, smooth out with your finger a small section at a time and wipe off excess on a cloth and continue. Also use the silicone caulking around the spigot, handles and drain.

tub and shower tile