Faucet Cartridges

May 20, 2011

faucet cartridgesYou probably would never see this particular item in your home because it is usually covered up. These are the cartridges that are turned by the handles of the faucets in the bathrooms.

They all will look similar to this one, and their function is the same. They basically turn to mix the Hot & Cold water for the tub/shower or sinks.

They can go bad. Mostly in this market of repossessed homes being vacant and the cartridges not in use, the plastic and/or rubber parts have a tendency of drying out.

You can note that this is happening when you turn the water on and move the handle over to get the hot water and the stream of water stops.

The repair of this problem is fairly easy, however, unless you have some kind of plumbing experience I recommend that you do use a licensed plumber to replace the cartridge.

Most of the time it is a simple clip to remove, pull out the cartridge, replace with a new one and replace the clip.