Exposed 220V Wires

June 24, 2011

With the vacant homes in this valley, I have been noticing more and more a potential very hazardous items. People that are vacating the homes are taking out their added larger items rather than leaving them. These are above the ground spa's additional lighting posts and some waterfalls and/or fountains. The problem is that they just unhook the electrical or even snip off the wires and leave the lead wires sitting there without any caps.

If the breaker in the panel box were to be turned on, these wires become live and are very dangerous. Spa's require 220v lines which is twice the normal power a regular outlet has. Children and even adults can be shocked and die just by brushing up against them. They all need to be capped and in a covered box of their own and even, if possible, to disconnect the lines from the breakers.

220V Wires