Double Flue Pipe Problem

June 29, 2011

Here is a great one for you all. I not only found a flue pipe problem, I actually found a double flue pipe problem. This was a building defect from the original builder. As you can see, the two flue pipes just end in the attic. Both of these are from heating units and they both are venting the emissions from the gas fired burners into the attic.

There are three problems with this scenario.

These will super heat the attic, plus they will send in a high amount of moisture into the attic that the insulation will soak up and retain. And, the biggest problem of all, the carbon monoxide gas that is let off by a gas fired burner. The odorless gas will vent into the attic and have a high probably of entering the house through the attic access hatch.

Now that the building has been finished, the flue pipe caps will have to be installed in the roofing sheeting and hooked up to the pipes. It is actually not major difficult, but it is a lot of work since the roofing tiles have to be cut and adjusted and flashing installed.

Exhaust Flue